The Scottish Government is poised to announce a swathe of new legislation to radically overhaul Scotland's personal debt laws.  This will include

  • New regulations for the Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme;
  • A new Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill; and 
  • New regulations for Protected Trust Deeds

Over the next few months I will be blogging on these new measures and the issues involved as they take their journey through the Scottish Parliament.

I will be revealing how many of the new measures that are being proposed will have a detrimental effect on tens of thousands of Scots each year  and affect their living standards and ability to make choices. I will explain how after 10 years of progressive debt law reform, we will now see the tide go out on some of these reforms.

I will provide an insight into the behind the scenes politics of Scotland's debts laws, explain who is who and what their interests are and what some of the unintended consequences of many of the new measures may be.

I will also be inviting Guest Posts by others in the industry who can give their insight and perspective.

So if you would like to keep up to date with what is happening, or want to know more about what these law reforms will mean to creditors and debtors in Scotland, please  follow the blog over the next few months.

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